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Organic traffic requires high search results.

Ranking high in Google is a task. Whether you're trying to rank high nationally or locally, Serach Engine Optimization plays a key role in today's race to the top. SEO is the process of building trust and relevancy by creating optimized, high quality content and links. It's essentially all about continuously checking to make sure the content on your website is useful with sources that can back this quality content up.

Fresh websites and ranking:

Chances are, if you have a website, you've compared your site's ranking against other businesses in your industry. Typically, the well-established, long term companies will closer to the top than newly created ones. This is because how of Google ranks content. Although these older, well established sites may rank well, it's simply due to the fact that they have accumulated a lot of content, over the years. So how do newer sites compete? This is wheresearch engine optimization comes into play. By using best SEO practices, we can substantially speed up the process  by focusing on on-page and off-page SEO, we can do in a couple of months what may have taken the competition tens of years! With the amount of competition out there, it's incredibly important to have a solid search engine optimization plan in place.

Local vs Organic:

How about local vs organic search engine optimization?  Organic search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing site content, making it search-engine friendly in an effort  to rank for relevant keywords. This typically doesn't include a local search engine optimization. However, organic SEO isn't typically associated with brick or mortar businesses. It essentially focuses specifically on the website and its contents.

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